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The Backrooms Game Online Free
The Backrooms

Constant fear of attack, exciting atmosphere and huge walls await you in the back room. This scary story became famous and was adapted into the gaming world.
Playable characters are simple unnamed characters that cannot be customized or selected. They emerge into a mysterious corridor with walls and lights. It’s a huge maze with no furniture or doors. You can go in different directions through the arcades.

The Backrooms Game Online

Feeling completely lost because of no finding a way out? This nightmare haunts almost every person in the world. The Backrooms perfectly reproduces this feeling. Game allows to enjoy it to fullest. That’s why this creepy folder has become so popular and has its own adaptation, which is aviable on this page.

Mal Madness

The whole deck make player feel uncomfortable. Our personage an ordinary person, but without knowing what he looks like or any details about his life. Only known thing is that he has appeared in The Backroom with mission to escape.

It’s a huge maze full of arches and walls. The question arises what is scary about an ordinary wall? However, building does not make this game a real nightmare. Atmosphere of this building makes player think that he lost with no way to escape. Flickering lights, dark corridors, stains on wallpaper make feel scared.

Signers have thought of colors that can make atmosphere more exciting. Their choice is excellent – effect The Backrooms is stronger because all wallpaper is yellow, lights are not crystal white. But what do we need to escape from building?

Run it and review time!

Game starts at first portal. After playing for some time comes awareness that task is not easy: to find exit to escape. Moreover, task becomes even more difficult when have to look at watch every thirty seconds to remember where protagonist came from.

It also helps him avoid insanity. Watches are just an indicator of how long you’ve been walking around a place and how many total meters have covered. There is no time limit in The Backrooms, but after a few minutes it will wanted to quickly escape from here to find a way out. That’s not a big surprise, because creepy atmosphere isn’t only problem with this game.

Owner of this place

After playing a bit more you will discover a scary dark hero. He stands further away without moving. Don’t worry, there is no fear of jumping here, but everything remind that scary monster will jump from next corner.

Silhouette appear several times during run. The more times to press the run button, the more times will see it. Every time you see this creature, there is strange music. Same goes for production. The closer finish the louder strange noise gets. Remember: any disturbing event is increase character’s fear.

Ground starts to move, vision blurs. However, if encounter and look at the monster in any other way, player will lose. Therefore, it is in best interest to quickly find the right place, calm down and go home in The Backrooms.

This horror game is for brave players. Let’s see if scary sounds, creepy monster, eerie atmosphere keep from finding way out or completing the mission.

Create an escape plan!

If there is a thought that it is impossible to leave this territory, then this is an erroneous opinion. Players must use their logic, like ingenuity to maximum. Sometimes thinking outside the box is a great way to get out of stressful situations. The main thing of The Backrooms is not to get confused when find yourself in a dead end.

But before that, fans must open all apartments in order to engage in game strategy. Walking into one of rooms doesn’t even seem like an approach to victory. After successfull passing following tests, it will only get easier. Maybe. Do not be afraid to make important decisions, because process depends only on you.

Look for hints!

With progress through players will be able to find artifacts. Everything is very important because of having some hidden meaning. Do not skip or ignore them, because with their help there is an opportunity get answers to questions. They can be the key to solving one of The Backrooms tasks!

It is also very common to see notes on pieces of paper. Important information is written on them, which can also be a hint. Before you, someone was already in this building, but he did not manage to get to end. Thank him for deciding to leave some guidance that will lead to goal!